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Financial information

There are no tuition fees for students coming from Denmark, the Nordic countries and countries within EU/EEA.

Students coming from countries outside the EU/EEA who do not hold a permanent Danish residence permit will be charged with a tuition fee. The price for the class of 2017 – 2021 is € 7500 per semester for both programmes (Graphic Storytelling and Animation); the seventh semester (internship semester) has a reduced fee of € 1.000.

Thus, the total cost of the tuition for the educations is:
• Animation: 46,000 Euro
• Graphic Storytelling: 53,500 Euro

Non EU/EEA-students will be asked to sign a contract for the tuition fee for the whole of the education prior to completing the enrollment. Furthermore, we must receive payment for the first 2 semesters, before the admission is completed, and before the application for residence permit can be initiated.

VIA offers scholarship to cover tuition fees and help cover the living expenses. You can read more about the scholarship here.

Materials fee
All students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Animation (Character Animation or Computer Graphic Arts) must pay a materials fee of currently DKK 2,200 (around €300) per month during the first 36 months of the education including summer months, which results in a total of DKK 79,200 (around €10,640) for the entire study period.

The monthly materials fee is the same for Graphic Storytelling, however, since it is a four year degree, the total amount is 92,400 kr. (around €12,400).

Materials include: Individual work stations including an industry standard computer and Wacom board, animation drawing table, various animation supplies: specialty pencils, paper, books and readers, sketch books, study trips to animation film festivals, software and materials related to creating the productions and much more.

Please note that the materials fee covers elements which students at other institutions are expected to provide/pay for themselves.

Download full Materials List for the Character Animation programme
Download full Materials List for the Computer Graphic Art programme
Download full Materials List for the Graphic Storytelling programme
(you need Adobe® Reader® to view the files).

Living expenses
Students should expect to spend between DKK 5,000 and 7,000 (roughly €650 - 900) a month including accommodation and other general living expenses. More information about the costs for dorm rooms can be found here.

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