Ed Hooks master class: Acting for Animators

Ed Hooks
Open for everyone in the TAW community.

Time: March 13 from 9:30–15:30
Place: VIA auditorium

Acting for Animators is a one-day intensive master class specifically designed for animators and led by respected actor, author and acting teacher Ed Hooks. Ed is the author of the classic textbook “Acting for Animators” and currently topical with his latest book “Craft Notes for Animators” (2016).

Ed pioneered Acting for Animators in 1998, while working with animators at Dreamworks/PDI. During this workshop, the framework of the present master class was created: A lecture/discussion about essential acting principles combined with deconstruction and analysis of film clips.

Ed’s approach recognizes that animators need to be familiar with the same acting principles as the stage or movie actor but with the understanding that these principles are applied in a wholly different way. An animator functions more like a puppet master than an actual actor because it is the animated character who is the actor, not the animator himself.

More information about Ed and his classes can be found on his website.