Student Spotlight: Sif Perlt Savery

Sif Perlt
Student Spotlight is a new series of stories that will focus on the amazing works the students at The Animation Workshop are creating, both in classes and in their own time.

Sif is currently a 1st year Character Animator at TAW but also finds the time to work on her personal web series project, Tales of Zale.

With her short frame and signature khaki hat, Sif Perlt Savery cuts a recognizable figure in the hallways around The Animation Workshop (TAW). Her workstation is just as recognizable; a Tales of Zale poster decorates the wall while a t-shirt, with the same title, casually drapes her chair.

An obvious way to begin the interview is then to ask Sif, what is Tales of Zale? However, an equally obvious starting point is Sif’s choice of education in the first place. When asked why she has chosen to study animation at TAW, Sif quickly fires back, “Why wouldn’t I be studying animation?”

“I’ve always wanted to study animation and get better at what I’m doing,” she elaborates.

“I’ve had projects going on ever since I was fourteen years old. I made many short animations for different tournaments where you had to create an animation in three weeks every month. So I kind of got into the rhythm of having these animated projects going on. Right now, it is this Tales of Zale project”

The ongoing journey of Tales of Zale

The premise of the web series is very simple: Zale, a fox, and Elva, a barn owl, are friends and together they explore the post-apocalyptic world they inhabit. A world where humans are but memories.

Two episodes exist so far, with 10 more in the pipeline, and the big dream is to continue to bring her visions to life.

“Becoming a director is definitely the dream but I think being an animator is a good entrance point because I want to direct animations,” Sif says.

While Tales of Zale started out as a personal solo project, it has since developed. More and more people have joined the production, both as voice actors and animators, and when speaking about the teamwork, Sif’s directorial ambitions shine through.

“There’s been a lot of people giving it their all so far and it’s been really amazing. I have been able to implement different people’s strengths into the project”

Wearing the “marketing cap”

As it often is when it comes to small productions without any budget, getting people to notice your work is difficult. Sif has had to wear the “marketing cap” herself and with over 10.000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, along with over 51.000 views on the first episode of Tales of Zale, one could definitely say that she’s worn it well.

When asked about her strategy, Sif stresses the importance of interacting with your audience.

“I have a Facebook page where I post about the gist of things, a Tumblr page where I put some behind-the-scenes stuff and a Twitter where it's a little bit more me talking. I’ve also really been trying to utilize YouTube ahead of the release of episode two by sharing three animators' take on the Tales of Zale universe,” Sif says.

Aside from these videos, her channel has also featured live streams with collaborators and a fan-art competition where the winners received Tales of Zale merchandise.

With many more episodes in the works, along with the projects she will be working on as a student at TAW, it is safe to say that this is only the beginning for Sif.

To read more about Sif’s project visit her website and YouTube channel