Professionsbachelor på The Animation Workshop

Tre linjer at vælge imellem: Karakteranimation, Computer Graphic Arts og Grafisk Fortælling.

"The Animation Workshop udstråler professionalisme, disciplin og personlig udvikling – og giver plads til at være sig selv. Hvad mere kan man ønske sig?"

Lasse Rasmussen
The Bachelor Department at The Animation Workshop offers two programs in Animation, Character Animation (CA) and Computer Graphic Arts (CGA), as well as a third in Graphic Storytelling. All programs provide a high quality professional education created and taught by expert practitioners gathered from our network of industry professionals worldwide.

At The Animation Workshop, students prepare to face the challenges and demands of careers in the television, comics, commercial, film or games industries. The Animation programs last 3½ years equivalent to 210 ECTS points, while Graphic Storytelling is 4 years and 240 ECTS points. They are all a part of VIA University College and are accredited by the Danish Ministry of Education. All bachelor degree programs are conducted entirely in English.

Which program is for me?
It is important that applicants understand which program is best suited for them. The main difference between the two programs in Animation is that the Character Animators focus on movement and acting with characters, while the Computer Graphic Artists focus on the building of sets; modeling, surfacing, lighting and rendering as well as building of characters; modeling, rigging, surfacing. Simply put.

- Character Animators make the characters move through drawings or working with CG characters. They learn how to make the audience believe that the character is alive with feelings and personality. It is the animator who creates the magic and empathy of the audience.

- Computer Graphic Artists focus on creating the world around the animation or game. They develop the initial concepts and designs for characters and backgrounds, and takes them through the entire 3D pipeline – from modeling to giving the models texture and later setting the lights for the scenes and in the end giving the film the final look.

- Graphic Storytelling is the art of telling stories through sequential art – in other words, sequences of images that tell a coherent story. The graphic storyteller works with both manuscript and images and the interplay between these so that his or her vision is understood by the reader.

Nevertheless, there are many overlapping courses such as design and storyboarding and students are given some freedom to develop skills within their interests.

Animation and CG Arts Study Programme
Graphic Storytelling Study Programme (in Danish).

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