Applying with a previous education

Applicants with previous degrees/higher education: Mandatory credit transfer

When applying for admission, you are obliged to inform us whether you have completed Danish or international programmes (or parts of programmes) on a similar level. You are also required to tell us if you have been employed in the field. If one or more of the educational elements you have completed as part of a Danish or foreign higher education corresponds to one or more parts of the programme you have been admitted to, we will transfer the credits upon after you have been accepted to the programme.

Thus, there may be parts of the programme in which you will not be able to participate. This means that you may have to skip one or several modules, because you have already completed courses that correspond to those parts of the programme. Credit transfer can also mean that you will not start your programme at the first semester, but later in the programme, corresponding to what you have previously completed and thereby received credit transfer for.

Please note: It is not up to you as an applicant to decide whether or not you apply for credit transfer; it is a mandatory process.

You can read more about the rules and procedures on VIAs pages:

New rules limiting the access to a second education on same level:

As of 2017, there will be limited the possibility of taking a second degree at the same or lower level (for instance, 2 bachelor educations or a master degree, followed by a bachelor degree). The rule only applies for applicants who took the first degree in Denmark.

If you already have completed a degree, we suggest you contact us before applying to our programmes.