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Admissions procedures

Denne side findes kun på engelsk
When applying for a Bachelor’s Degree Program at The Animation Workshop, you must apply through the Danish Ministry's official application portal at The application form is available from February 1st and the final deadline is March 15th at 12:00 noon (Danish time). As the system tends to be very busy when the deadline is getting close, we strongly recommend that you start filling out the form as soon as possible after February 1st!
You can still update the application and work on your online portfolio right up until the final deadline.

Along with the application you must submit letter of intention in English which includes your preferred program of study and a link to your digital portfolio - see the requirements here:

All required education and language certificates must be attached as well. However, language and education certificates acquired after the application deadline can be uploaded until July 5th.

You can find a checklist here

Please note:
We will disregard:
  • applications handed in later than March 15 at 12:00 noon Danish time
  • incomplete applications
  • applications which do not provide a functioning links to a portfolio (if you want to password protect your portfolio, you must write the password next to the link in the letter of intention).
  • applications with portfolios that are incomplete or not organized according to the required categories

VIAs admissions portal:

Once we have registered your application, you will receive an invitation to log on to VIA’s admissions’ portal – This invitation serves as your return receipt for the registration of your application. It is your responsibility to make sure your application has been registered! If you have applied and have not received a return receipt/invitation to log on to at the end of March 24th, please contact Katrine Frausig.

After the registration, VIA’s admissions portal is the main platform for further communication about your application. Here, we will post info and notifications on dates etc, and it is through this platform that you will receive any new information about our processing of your application.

The selection procedure

Following the deadline on March 15th, an admissions committee will select applicants for a test and interview. Through VIA’s admissions portal (, all applicants will receive information on whether or not they will be invited to admissions test and interview. This notification is normally sent out in early May.

Admission Criteria

All bachelor degree programs at The Animation Workshop are talent based which means that the skill level and potential demonstrated in your portfolio will primarily determine your chances of being admitted. In general, we look for solid drawing skills—excellent life drawing and perspective are a crucial foundation. Furthermore, we are interested in seeing originality and a broad range of personal drawing styles in an applicant’s portfolio. Finally, we are looking for students who display an open attitude to learning, taking critique, displaying leadership skills, and trying new work methods. The program is demanding, therefore applicants must be ready to be in an intensive learning environment.

Admissions Test and Interview

For Character Animation and CG Arts
  • The tests and interviews will take place in the week from May 22-26. The admissions test takes three hours and applicants do not need to bring anything for the test. All materials will be provided.
  • For Character Animation and CG Arts applicants, there will be a 1 hour individual drawing test followed by a 2 hour workshop. The workshop will focus on the applicants’ collaboration and communication skills.
  • The results of the test and interview will be sent out through VIAs Admissions portal 2-3 weeks after the tests
For Graphic Storytelling
  • The tests and interviews will take place in the week from May 15-19.
  • For Graphic Storytelling applicants, there will be a 3 hour individual drawing and storytelling test. The applicants do not need to bring anything for the test. All materials will be provided.
  • The results of the test and interview will be sent out through VIAs Admissions portal 2-3 weeks after the tests.

For both educations, the interview will take place on either the same day or the day after the test, depending on logistics. We try our best to accommodate those travelling longer distances by scheduling the test and interview in the same day, though this cannot always be guaranteed.

The interview will last approximately 30 minutes. The purpose is to get to know the applicants, especially their motivations and goals, where they think their strengths lie and what they will bring to the class. In addition to a strong portfolio, we are looking for self-reflected, diligent and curious students, who are eager to learn and open to collaborate in a shared responsibility environment. Applicants to Character Animation and CG Arts should also exhibit leadership qualities.

Test and interview for applicants living outside Denmark
We highly encourage you to try to attend the test and interview in person, even if you live outside Denmark. Normally, our current students offer to accommodate our applicants for 1 or 2 nights; this will reduce your travel costs significantly. However, if it is not possible for you to come to Viborg for the test, you have the option of doing the test via email and the interview via Skype. In this case, we will email the test to you, and you will have four hours to complete the test (using paper and pencil), scan it and email it back.

  • The Character Animation and CG Arts tests focus on drawing skills, knowledge and use of character posing and gestures, composition and design theory to support a chosen genre and tone.
  • The Graphic Storytelling test focuses on drawing skills, idea creation and visual storytelling.

The interview will take place within the same week, following the test. You must have a reliable network and camera for the interview.

Feedback for test/interview takers
During your interview, you will receive thorough feedback on your work—both the portfolio and test. Please come prepared to take notes on what the admission panel says. Due to the number of applicants, further individual feedback will not be possible.

Feedback for rejected applicants
If you are not selected for the admissions test, you will be invited to a feedback workshop where you will receive feedback and guidance in order to help you develop your skills. Please plan to be on time for these workshops as we will start with a common discussion and break into groups. Registration is required – each applicant can come to one session only. Due to the volume of applicants, this is the only way to receive feedback.

Important Admissions Dates:

Application form is available on from February 1st.

Final Deadline for Applications: March 15th at 12:00 (noon) Danish time

For Character Animation and CG Arts line:

Admissions test and interviews: week 21 (May 22 – 26)

Admissions test and interview results: mid-June

Portfolio Feedback Workshops (for those not invited to the test and interview): May 17th and June 1st

For Graphic Storytelling:

Admissions test and interviews for Graphic Storytelling line: week 20 (May 15-19)

Admissions test and interview results: mid-June
Portfolio Feedback Workshops (for those not invited to the test and interview): May 10th and May 24th

Completion of enrollment

We will inform you about the results of the admissions test in June. However, the official enrollment in the program is not completed until July 30th, when final answers are sent out to all applicants to higher education in Denmark.

Semesters start August 28th for all 1st years (CA, CG Arts & Graphic Storytelling).
Orientation Day for the 1st year students – August 25th, 2017.

Special admissions flow for non EU/EEA-citizens:
  • Please beware that the deadline for applying for a scholarship to cover your tuition fees in the first academic year, is equally March 15. Find more information about procedure and requirements on VIA International.
  • Should you be admitted but not awarded a scholarship, you must pay the first whole year of tuition prior to applying for your students’ residence permit.
  • The application procedure for residence permit may very well take 2 months or more. You can read more about the procedure and requirements. here